Management Audits: Individual Assessments for Top Executive Placement

Management Audits as a strategic, long-term investment

The staffing of top executive positions is a complex challenge that requires a sophisticated, thoughtful approach:


Primarily, due to their strategic significance: Top executives wield considerable influence over business decisions, thereby playing a pivotal role in the long-term success, culture and resilience of the company. Misfits in these appointments can incur substantial costs or leave opportunities untapped. Given that each placement decision at this level resembles a significant investment, a careful consideration of opportunities and risks is indispensable.


Furthermore, interacting with this target group demands a high level of professionalism and sensitivity: Selection processes must account for the complexity of leadership and management tasks. It is essential that assessments reflect real-world scenarios and business-relevant problems. Additionally, precise execution and internal communication of results are crucial to ensure acceptance among participants and providing decision-makers with the additional insights they need.


Management Audits by external partners

To ensure an accepted, insightful, and efficient approach, it is advisable to involve external specialists. These professionals contribute their expertise and a nuanced understanding of operational processes to support informed decisions and development processes. The consultants of aestimamus ensure exactly this balance of personal and methodological competence.

Management Audits – our core competency

Our Management Audits provide methodically sound assessments from a neutral and unbiased perspective, offering additional insights and assurance regarding the individual strengths, opportunities, development areas, and risks of candidates suitable for the respective target position.


Conducted typically in the form of half to full-day individual assessments, our Management Audits appreciate the uniqueness of candidates with personal openness and scientifically validated, practically proven methods.


Specifically, our Management Audits focus, as needed and in varying depths, on the following areas: complexity management and problem-solving, strategic and operational competencies, leadership, interaction and communication skills, and professional personality traits. For more insights into our approach, please refer to our Method.


Fit-to-position is key

In addition to assessing candidates based on their requirements and competencies, equal importance is placed on their alignment with the specific context of the target role (such as matching strategic expectations or organizational culture). Our process design ensures a focus on both prerequisites for successful role attainment. We benefit from extensive benchmarks due to our exclusive focus on top management diagnostics and our long-standing partnerships with clients in both corporate and medium-sized environments (see project examples).

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Methodisches Vorgehen


Information on the process design, methodological implementation of consulting projects such as assessments, and execution formats can be found in this section.

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