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Clients´ voices … we are pleased

Clients´ voices … we are pleased

Alain Caparros
(from 2017 – 2019: CEO C & A Europe, from 2006 – 2017: CEO REWE Group)

I have known Christoph Aldering and his consulting team of aestimamus for many years now. During my tenure at REWE and then at C & A, he has – regarding the the selection and appointment of top executives – provided very valuable support by differentiated assessment of candidates. The critical reflection of  internal and external executives’ self perception and the perception by others, facilitated on the basis of differentiated results reports, provides a very valuable basis for organizational development.

Detlef Hartmann
(CEO Racer Benchmark Group, davor Vorstand eew energy from waste)

„For almost 20 years, Christoph Aldering and his colleagues have accompanied me in the area of management assessments. Whenever demanding tasks and projects are concerned with the assessment of executives, for me aestimamus is ‘first choice’ of the consulting companies in question. In a special way, I appreciate the fact that the name of the company can be taken very seriously: aestimamus supports very well with different evaluation and evaluation questions. The implementation was always highly professional, well-founded and with the necessary sensitivity – even critical feedbacks are given to the participants in appreciative terms. I have not experienced this elsewhere in this form often.“

Angelika Kambeck
(Head of Group HR, Klöckner & Co SE)

„Neutrality, independence and a resilient methodological approach, pragmatism and orientation to real needs: that are key success factors in assessing managers executives in exposed functions. With aestimamus, I have found an excellent partner who in 2014 and 2015 supported us very well , and above all with sustainable effects..“

Vivien Schmitt
(Leitung Executive Development, Rewe-Group)

“When it comes to assessing our top executives, we care about differentiating results based on neutrality and independence. Methodical depth in combination with pragmatism and thus orientation to the actual needs, these are extremely important success factors,. If there is still an eye level and the necessary independence, you are well equipped to discuss even challenging staffing decisions internally. With aestimamus, we have found a partner who has supported us very well in the context of this process for many years and, above all, with sustainable effects.”

Peter Schöler
Chief Human Resources Officer, Viega Holding GmbH & Co. KG)

“For us, top quality is an absolute must at all levels and in all processes, which means that our service providers must deliver top quality even when the task is challenging and the framework conditions challenging. In addition to these aspects, the strong substantive foundation and expertise in top-management-diagnostics of aestimamus for me is very convincing, so we appreciate the professional as well as personally trusting cooperation with aestimamus (Dr. Judith Hankes) very much.”

Andrea Schröter
(Director Human Resources, Leifheit AG)

“”As part of our strategic alignment, together with Dr. Hankes (aestimamus) we have implemented a systematic HR process from the definition of a LEIFHEIT competency model through assessment of competence and potential of executives to employee workshops. In addition to professional expertise the orientation towards LEIFHEIT-specifics (eg the corporate culture) and the practical relevance that is close to everyday life are essential factors for success. And on this basis a long, trusting cooperation has developed, which I greatly appreciate.”

Christa Stienen
(Chief Human Resources Officer Cluster Deutschland/Schweiz, DB Schenker):

“If I am asked for a recommendation for a diagnostician, I immediately think of Christoph Aldering, because he and his team work personal, careful and, of course, highly professional. In addition the work with Christoph Aldering is enjoyable and that makes it an all-round carefree package. A top address!” (photo source: ebloedt)

Christian Tillmans
(Head of HR Management Executives & People Development, Lufthansa Group):

„At Lufthansa, we work together with different HR consultations as required and depending on the specific projects. In 2017, as part of our internal realignment, we had to assess and select HR colleagues depending on their respective fit for different roles and functions – supported by an appropriate diagnostic procedure. We chose – and we did not regret the decision – for aestimamus, on the contrary: the cooperation in the mixed assessment teams was highly efficient and personally pleasant. The professional and personal competence of the applied aestimamus consultants convinced us very much.“ 

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