Our Values and Principles

The Commitments We Stand By

independent and honest
We are not looking for absolute truths, but reality. Reality is what works. In this sense, we will report reality as appraised by us with honesty.

conscientious and sustainable
We work with individuals, that is, with indivisible, whole personalities in their entirety. Our purpose is to describe and appraise their qualities and skills in alignment with the general requirements that apply to them. We are aware of the responsibility this puts on our shoulders. For us, “appreciation” is a constitutive element of “added value”.

focussed and competent
Nobody can do everything. With this recognition in mind, we focus our efforts on personnel appraisals as an essential link in the value chain of HR development. For this purpose, our extensive store of experience and up-to-date insights from research and development give us the basis we need..