Supporting Selection and Appointment Processes

Impartial Support for HR Decisions

When complex and lengthy recruitment processes come to a conclusion, the people in charge are faced with the question of which candidate is most suitable for the target position. Has a suitable candidate been found? Does the chosen candidate truly have what it takes?

When the company and its HR professionals do not have the additional resources and capabilities to produce a fully valid appraisal by means of a suitable diagnostic process or when an impartial second opinion is needed, the time has come to turn to specialist support from outside.

The consultants of aestimamus can help their clients gain a sounder basis for the appointment decisions on the basis of fully coordinated requirement profiles. They do so by conducting management audits for a validation of the decisions. The results of these audits include a detailed description and assessment of the candidate, with a comparison of his or her unique opportunities and risks or strengths and weaknesses, ideally supported with concrete recommendations for on-boarding and/or HR development.